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Amazing Vietnamese Recipes 
From our family 
to yours...

Opened in 2017, Pho Lavie has quickly become one of the best Vietnamese Restaurants in South Florida at their location in Pompano Beach.  Our menu has a variety of options to choose from to compliment the entire family, however we are most known for our Pho.

Pho, is a traditional Vietnamese dish it has been around for many decades. Originated from North Vietnam, its popularity soon spread to all corners of Vietnam. Today more than 15 different varieties of Pho can be found throughout the country including here at Pho Lavie. 

Here in America, Pho has become a very popular dish among American communities. Each Pho restaurant has it's own taste and flavors that cater to different preferences among Vietnamese families, come by and get an authentic taste of Vietnamese.

The Nguyen Family

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